How the EuroQol Office can help you

This Core Knowledge Panel (90 min) starts with an introduction to the EuroQol Office by Bernhard Slaap (Executive Director, EuroQol Research Foundation, Rotterdam, the Netherlands). After this overview, James W. Shaw (Executive Director and Head, Patient-Reported Outcomes Assessment, WWHEOR at Bristol Myers Squibb) and Caitlyn T. Solem (Director, Pipeline Strategy, US Oncology Value Evidence and Outcomes, GSK) will describe interactions with the Office from a client’s perspective and the merits of the EuroQol family of instruments in clinical trials. Many Network members may move into commercial roles and similarly rely on the Office to help them incorporate EuroQol instruments into their projects. Discussants from the EQ PhD Network include Ling Jie Cheng (National University of Singapore), Renee Jones (University of Melbourne), and Jiajun Yan (McMaster University). Attendees are also invited to ask questions and discuss this practice. The Core Knowledge Panels are tailored for early career researchers (ECRs) interested in becoming more involved in EuroQol research.


Date: May 18, 2023

Time: 2:00 pm -

Type: Archive event, PhD Network Webinar