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For what period of time do EQ-D5 instruments record health status

Self-reported health status captured by EQ-5D instruments relates to the respondent’s situation at the time of completion. No attempt is made to summarize the recalled health status over the preceding days or weeks, although EQ-5D-3L has been tested in recall mode. An early decision taken by the EuroQol Group determined that health status measurement ought…

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How are the self-complete, interviewer and proxy EQ-5D versions different?

EQ-5D is designed for self-completion by respondents. However, several other modes of administration are also available. The interviewer version is convenient when respondents are unable to read or write, or when subjects are unable to come to the study site. An interviewer will read the instructions and record the responses. Proxy EQ-5D versions are available…

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What is the difference between the EQ-5D descriptive system, the EQ VAS and the EQ-5D index values?

The descriptive system section of the EQ-5D questionnaire produces a 5-digit health state profile that represents the level of reported problems on each of the five dimensions of health, e.g.EQ-5D-5L health state 21143 represents a patient who indicates slight problems on the mobility dimension, no problems on the self-care and usual activities dimensions, severe pain…

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Can I use only the five dimensions of the questionnaire, or only the EQ VAS?

Please note that without the prior written consent of the EuroQol Office, you are not permitted to alter, amend or convert the EQ-5D-5L and related proprietary materials. We do not advise using only part of the questionnaire. EQ-5D-5L is a two-part instrument. If you only use one part, you cannot claim to have used EQ-5D-5L…

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How do I get the EQ-5D in the languges that I need?

To obtain a copy of the instrument, please complete the EQ-5D registration form. During the registration process you can select the countries/regions in which you intend to collect EQ-5D data, the languages that you will need and the mode(s) of administration. The EuroQol Office will then contact you by e-mail and inform you about the…

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What does the EQ-5D stand for?

EQ-5D is the name of the instrument and is not an acronym. EQ-5D is the correct term to use in print or verbally.

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