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Our Monthly Scientific Selection: June Publications on EuroQol Instruments #6

[1-30 June 2024] Sampson C, Parkin D, Devlin N. Is...

EQ-5D-Y-3L User Guide update

An updated EQ-5D-Y-3L User Guide is now available on the...

EuroQol Experimental Instrument Registration Form

The EuroQol Office introduced the EuroQol Experimental Instrument Registration Form...

Our Monthly Scientific Selection: May Publications on EuroQol Instruments

[1-31 May 2024] Landfeldt E, Leibrock B, Hussong J, Thiele...

Our Monthly Scientific Selection: April Publications on EuroQol Instruments

[1-30 April 2024] Bailey C, Dalziel K, Constable L, Devlin...

Our Monthly Scientific Selection: January Publications on EuroQol Instruments

[1-31 January 2024]

1. Stenson K, Fecteau TE, O’Callaghan L, Bryden P, Mellor J, Wright J, Earl L, Thomas O, Iqbal H, Barlow S, Parvanta S. Health-related quality of life across disease stages in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: results from a real-world survey. J Neurol. 2024 Jan 11.

2. Bailey C, Howell M, Raghunandan R, Dalziel K, Howard K, Mulhern B, Petrou S, Rowen D, Salisbury A, Viney R, Lancsar E, Devlin N. The RETRIEVE Checklist for Studies Reporting the Elicitation of Stated Preferences for Child Health-Related Quality of Life. Pharmacoeconomics. 2024 Jan 13.

3. van Heusden A, Rivero-Arias O, Herdman M, Hiscock H, Devlin N, Dalziel K; QUOKKA Project Team. Psychometric Performance Comparison of the Adapted versus Original Versions of the EQ-5D-Y-3L and -Y-5L in Proxy Respondents for 2- to 4-Year-Olds. Pharmacoeconomics. 2024 Jan 18.

4. Lee P, Engel L, Lubetkin E, Gao L. Exploring the comparability between EQ-5D and the EQ-HWB in the general Australian population. Value Health. 2024 Jan 27.

5. Khanna D, Khadka J, Mpundu-Kaambwa C, Chen G, Dalziel K, Devlin N, Ratcliffe J; QUOKKA Project Team. An Investigation of Inter-Rater and Intra-Proxy Agreement in Measuring Quality of Life of Children in the Community Using the EQ-5D-Y-3L. Pharmacoeconomics. 2024 Jan 27.

6. Mao Z, Crèvecoeur J, Pepermans K, Kind P, Neyens T, Beutels P. A comparison of items and constructs of standardised health-related quality of life and mental well-being measures. Value Health. 2024 Jan 29.