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EuroQol PhD Network was established in September 2022 for and by doctoral students conducting research on the measurement and valuation of health. The aim of the Network is to bring these students together and to offer a programme of activities to support their career development. Network members receive regular invitations (via email) to online or in-person events and have greater access to engage with each other as well as members of the EuroQol Group.

The Network organizes activities for its members under three categories: (1) educational and social events; (2) information exchange; and (3) tailored support to meet each student’s needs in complement to the support provided by their doctoral program. Through these activities, the EuroQol Research Foundation hopes to increase and diversify knowledge, promote social cohesion, and to improve the career prospects of EuroQol doctoral students.


To become a Network member, the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) of the EuroQol Research Foundation requires students to be enrolled in a doctoral program and conduct research that focuses on the measurement and valuation of health and is aligned with the EuroQol scientific aims. Each student must complete a brief application confirming the above-mentioned criteria, which will be reviewed by the Network chairs and the EOWG members. To better demonstrate alignment with the EuroQol scientific aims, applicants may list peer-reviewed papers, accepted abstracts, presentations, and/or roles on projects as evidence. Applications are reviewed in early January and memberships typically renew until graduation.

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Although the Network focuses primarily on the needs of its (doctoral student) members, most activities will be open to the broader community. This broader community includes former Network members, post-doctoral fellows, other early career researchers (ECRs), and members of the EuroQol Group. To become a Network participant, a person must complete the application form (above) to affirm their interest in conducting scientific research on EuroQol instruments and participating in Network activities. Participant applications are approved throughout the year.

Founding members (in alphabetical order) include Giselle Aqwe Abangma, Joshua Michael Bonsel (co-chair), Eline Bouwers-Beens, Ling Jie Cheng, Ai-Ping Chua, Ashwini Priyangika De Silva, Yifan Ding, Titi Sahidah Fitriana, Renee Jones, Maksat Jumamyradov, Suzana Karim, Maja Kuharic, Jia Jia Lee, Meixia Liao, Andrea Libório Monterio, Paul Schneider, Rachel Lee-Yin Tan, Abraham Gebregziabiher Welie, Jiajun Yan, Guangjie Zhang, and Wenjing Zhou.


The activities of the EuroQol PhD Network are arranged by the current co-chairs, Joshua M. Bonsel (PhD student) and Benjamin M. Craig (EuroQol member). They send invitations to participate in these activities using the email addresses collected via the Network application form. Do you have an idea for a future Network activity? Or perhaps you would like to moderate an event or volunteer to mentor a student? Please contact the Network co-chairs and ask about the possibilities at 


Joshua M. Bonsel                   Benjamin M. Craig


EuroQol PhD Network Reception hosted at the 39th EuroQol Plenary Meeting, Chicago, USA 20 September 2022

Photo taken by Dominik Golicki. (Left to Right): Meixia Liao, Rachel Lee-Yin Tan, Maja Kuharic, Ai-Ping Chua, Ling Jie Cheng, Xin Zhang, Suzana Karim, Jiajun Yan, Renee Jones, Yiting Luo, Diana Khanna, Maksat Jumamyradov, Benjamin M. Craig (co-chair with Joshua M. Bonsel). Doctoral students who attended the Plenary but not shown above include Giselle Aqwe Abangma, Andrea Libório Monterio, and Jonathan Nazari.

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