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How to obtain EQ-5D

If you are thinking of using EQ-5D but would like to see it first, please download the UK English sample version of the EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L or the EQ-5D-Y. These versions are for inspection purposes only. If you wish to view a sample version in your language (i.e. not UK English), please contact us.

If you would like to use the EQ-5D, please check the following animation video ‘How to obtain EQ-5D’. It describes the process of registering and gaining access to the instrument, one of the most widely used measures of patient-reported outcomes.

How to obtain EQ-5D


In short, you are requested to register your study/trial/project by completing the EQ-5D registration form. Thereafter, the EuroQol Office will contact you by e-mail and inform you about the terms and conditions which apply to your use of the EQ-5D, including licensing fees (if applicable). Please allow 5 business days to receive this reply.

Please find the general conditions applicable to the registration here.

Register to use / obtain


Licensing fees are determined on the basis of the information provided on the registration form. The applicable User Policy is dependent on the type of study/trial/project, funding source, sample size and number of requested languages. Please be advised that by registering, you are not obligated to purchase a license.

Note: EuroQol does not charge a license fee for non-commercial uses of EQ-5D. After registering to use the instrument, EQ-5D can be used free of charge for academic, educational, public health, and other non-commercial purposes.

Please find more information regarding licensing fees in our EQ-5D User License Policy.


Please note that without the prior written consent of the EuroQol Office, you are not permitted to i.e. use, reproduce, alter, amend, convert, translate, publish or make available in any way (digital, hard-copy etc.) the EQ-5D and related proprietary materials.

The EuroQol Research Foundation stresses that any and all copyrights in the EQ-5D, its (digital) representations, and its translations exclusively vest in the EuroQol Research Foundation. EQ-5D™ is a trade mark of the EuroQol Research Foundation.

EQ Business Process

Default timeline

User Support emails 10 business days response time
Commercial requests

  • Registrations
  • Emails
5 business days response time
Non-commercial requests

  • Registrations
  • Emails
10 business days response time
Screenshot review 5 business days response time after receiving the screenshots
Translation process
  • 5 business days response time after receiving registration
  • 10 business days from confirmation of receipt Translation Request to estimated project timeline and costs from specialist translation agencies
  • 10 business days from confirmation receipt signed Approval Letter to project initiation
  • 5 months on average to project completion

Note: these are our default response times. The overall timeline is also determined by the responsiveness of our clients.


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