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Translation Process

All translations/adaptations of EQ-5D are produced using a standardized translation protocol that conforms to internationally recognized guidelines. These guidelines aim to ensure equivalence to the English ‘source’ version and involve a forward/backward translation process and cognitive debriefing. Only the EuroQol Office can give permission for a translation to be performed and translations can only be stamped as official if they are performed in cooperation with EuroQol reviewers.

Please find more information in our EQ-5D User License Policy.

Translation process EQ-5D

Default timelines EQ translation process

  • 10 business days from confirmation of receipt Translation Request to estimated project timeline from specialist translation agencies
  • 10 business days from receipt signed Approval Letter to project start-up
  • 5 months on average to project completion


Note: these are our default response times. The overall timeline is also determined by the responsiveness of our clients and available linguistic resources for the requested language/country/mode of administration.


How to proceed?

If you want to use the EQ-5D or request an EQ-5D version that is not available, please register here.

A member of the EuroQol Office team will confirm safe receipt of the Translation Request and provide you with feasibility information, an estimated timeline and corresponding Approval Letter for signature within 10 business days. After confirmation of receipt of the signed Approval Letter, EuroQol will initiate the translation project.

No translation can receive official endorsement from the EuroQol Research Foundation, unless it has been performed in strict adherence according to the EuroQol Research Foundation’s translation guidelines. The agencies we work with are compliant with our requirements.

Translation certificates for Paper Self-Complete versions are applicable for all corresponding modes of administration and can be provided upon request. Translation certificates only confirm and reflect the most extensive translation procedure and will not be revised whenever minor or major modifications are being made which in itself does not change the procedure.

Please remember that copyright of all translations remains with the Foundation.

(Version 8APR2019)

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