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EUROQOL | Working Groups

The Executive Committee has responsibility for establishing the scientific direction of the EuroQol Group, and in promoting and funding a research programme consistent with its overall scientific strategy. A few years ago the Executive Committee decided to introduce a new structure, by establishing six WGs, each charged with clearly defined, specific objectives relating to the scientific agenda of the EuroQol Group.

In March 2014, a joint Board‐Executive meeting took place in which the long‐term strategy of the EuroQol Group was defined. At the September 2014 Plenary meeting, the Strategic Research Priorities document was introduced to the EuroQol membership, and feedback provided to the Executive and Board.

As one consequence, the WG structure was revised to match the research priorities the Executive Committee and the Board had jointly defined in this document. New WGs are proposed and some existing WGs were given revised objectives or discontinued.

(Version 25APR2017)

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